Press Conference Magnolias Waterfront Residences

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd., today, gave the first look inside sample residences of its super-luxury condominiums being built at the new ICONSIAM landmark mega-development on the Chao Phraya riverside as part of an advance preview conducted ahead of the inauguration of the showroom gallery of the Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM. It was the first time reporters have been invited to the 50-rai site of the ICONSIAM project that includes two of the world's most glamorous retail complexes, seven precedent-setting attractions that will be the first of their kind in Thailand and which are called the 'Seven Wonders at ICONSIAM', as well as two magnificent, world-class waterfront residential condominium buildings.

Mr. Thanawan Chaiwatana, Managing Director of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Ltd., and The ICONSIAM Residences Co., Ltd., said, "ICONSIAM is a globally significant landmark development, and the residential component of this project, called Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM, is being offered with a commitment to provide the most luxurious condominium residences ever built in Thailand. We fully expect our customers to benchmark our product promise with the finest residences available in New York, London, Tokyo, or Shanghai."

He said, "Bangkok has room at the top for a super-luxury residential offering of the highest quality that is located at a globally recognised landmark. ICONSIAM is a global landmark, and, to add to that, it also has a stunning riverside which means that every residence at the Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM will have the most beautiful river views.”

Located diagonally across the legendary Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok, the condominium buildings have an extraordinarily high ratio of open space as well as expansive, riverside green areas to reinforce the project's national landmark status when it is completed in 2017.

"We more than doubled the legal requirement to have 30% of the development area as open space and allocated almost 70% of our 7.6 rai (around 3 acres) land area to be open space. We have also designed in a huge amount of green area and waterscape, totaling more than 3 rai (over 1 acre)," said Mr. Thanawan.

The majority of the 379 residences at the 70-storey Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM range from one bedroom to three bedrooms, and are sized from around 60 square metres to 222 square metres. Prices start from approximately Bht 230,000 (US$ 7,200) per square metre.

According to Mr. Thanawan, since the launch of the ICONSIAM development on 1st July 2014, more than 150 units had received registrations of intent to purchase.

He said, "The Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM have a unique proposition for owners because, for the first time ever in Thailand, we are able to combine three elements that propel these residences into a special global class of residence.

"First, we have the most luxurious fit and finish for the individual residences, including the highest specification fixtures, three-metre high ceilings, double-glazed LOW-E coated laminated glass, and full height window walls.

"Second, the building has had luxury designed into it from the beginning, so that even the unseen mechanical and engineering elements are also world-class. Typically, this means superior ventilation concepts and systems, heat and sound protection, the location of air-conditioning units and service areas outside of residences for quietness and security, highest specification plumbing and electrical fixtures, as well as sustainability features that maximise energy efficiency – all the things owners do not see but which quietly affect the overall experience of luxury and quality by giving owners problem-free and efficient operation after they have moved into their units.

"And the third element, which is what makes the building truly unique, is that it is located within ICONSIAM's overall 50-rai (20-acre) plot. This will mean that the overall environment in which the buildings are located are also designed and managed to reflect the standards of the building and the individual residences. This is a truly extraordinary proposition since, effectively, the entire neighbourhood is also going to be built and maintained at the most luxurious standards. Additionally, residents are near the finest shopping and entertainment facilities where they will enjoy special VIP privileges."

He said that Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM provides the unusual combination of being both centrally located and still giving residents the feeling of being close to nature as well as natural views that are extraordinary and inspirational.

Mr. Thanawan said that the onset of the AEC had created a lot of demand for residences of the highest quality, particularly, among Thai and foreign buyers and who operate globally and need to stay connected with the world.

"They expect the finest standards, wherever they are. As part of meeting their needs, Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM will also be the first residential building in Thailand with a fibre-optic internet connection," he added.