ICONSIAM continues its "ICONSIAM Young Ambassador".

ICONSIAM continues its "ICONSIAM Young Ambassador" Contest for the second year with the theme of "Treasure of My Khlong San" to foster new representatives to pass on the treasure of the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods

ICONSIAM, in collaboration with partners, has recently organized the second "ICONSIAM Young Ambassador" to select youth representatives to present uplifting stories of the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods. Held with the theme "Treasure of My Khlong San," the contest aimed to encourage local youths to preserve the precious culture and traditions of their neighborhoods and foster a sense of love and protectiveness of their historic communities.

Mr. Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, Managing Director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd., said, "Our threefold social mission for Thailand includes conserving natural resources and the environment of the Chao Phraya River and its vicinity, contributing to the sustainable development of the communities and their unique local wisdom, and preserving the precious culture and traditions of the people living along the Chao Phraya River generation after generation.

As we have become a member of Khlong San community, we would like to contribute by promoting a sense of pride among community members.

For this reason, "ICONSIAM Young Ambassador" was launched in 2016. The contest was a roaring success and was met with overwhelming positive feedback from local youths, parents, and schools in the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods. This year, we therefore held ICONSIAM Young Ambassador for the second consecutive year as to offer local youths an opportunity to share the share their pride in their areas through their own voice and show the power of the youth of the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods."

This year's contest theme "Treasure of My Khlong San" offered the young participants a platform to present the history and heritage of Khlong San that served as their source of pride, such as the unique culture, landmarks, food, and local wisdom that have been passed on through generations. All the participants were given an opportunity to join an educational camp led by experienced guest speakers.

The participating students also went on field trips that educated them about historical and cultural sites along the Chao Phraya River. Afterwards, the participants applied what they had learned from these activities to their projects and presented them to the panel of judges to compete for the title of ICONSIAM Young Ambassadors 2017.

The winners of the ICONSIAM Young Ambassador contest (Individual Category) were Raynuka Teekayu, a nine-year-old fourth grade student from Wat Thong Pleng School and Pawaris Wongchaonimit, a ten-year-old fifth grade student from Wat Suwan School. For the School Category, there were three schools that won the prizes. Wat Thong Pleng School won the first prize with their "Aunty Nang's Cotton" campaign. The first runner-up was Wat Kanlayanamit School ("Lion's Head Products"), and the second runner-up was Santa Cruz Suksa School ("Kadeejeen's Delicious Snacks"). The winners of the Individual Category will lead a group of over 40 Young Ambassadors in carrying out future cultural tourism activities in the neighborhoods.

ICONSIAM Young Ambassadors will represent the youth of the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods to convey their love and pride in their local districts to promote appreciation of the neighborhoods and conservation efforts of the Chao Phraya River as Kadeejeen and Khlong San are historic neighborhoods that have one of the longest cultural histories in Bangkok and are situated by the Chao Phraya River, one of Thailand's major rivers. The activity sets out to encourage local youths to learn more about the treasure in their districts and to create a group of youths with expertise in telling the stories and relaying the pride of the Kadeejeen-Khlong San neighborhoods to the nation and, in the future, to the world.