Whenever we look back at a river, what do we see? Some may have their own answers which vary depending on experiences and feelings towards a river. But there may be one thing in common, that is the great power of a river—which nourishes and supports many lives, allowing them to survive and grow. That’s the way it has been. Where there are major rivers, there are ways of life full of appeal unlike any other—in terms of social, historic, artistic and cultural, to name but a few.

Our country, Thailand, has got the Chao Phraya River as our major river for hundreds of years and we know well that the Chao Phraya River originates from the Ping River, the Wang River, the Yom River and the Nan River—all of which join together at Pak Nam Pho subdistrict, Mueang Nakhon Sawan district, Nakhon Sawan province. After the confluence of these rivers, the Chao Phraya flows through the central plains which are regarded as the country’s breadbasket.

People living around the Chao Phraya River’s bend always realize that their meaning of life depends on it. Without the River, a happy life wouldn’t exist. At the same time, we should respect and acknowledge these people. Whatever they do, each of them has their own value and significance. Likewise, shrimps, clams, crabs and fishes are all born out of the river. And they have their duty and way of life—different from ours but so important.

As a result, the greatness of people doesn’t have to come from any great deed, but from the way they live and do with pride. They don’t hesitate to choose what they love, don’t give up doing what they believe and pursue their path in a valiant effort. No matter how others see them, this is called greatness that reflects from what they do—from little things every single day which can make a good impact for the society and its people.

At the end, whether being aware or not, these people are all making a memorable phenomenon. No matter where they come from, when such little powers are combined, they are like tributaries which flow to form a large river in order to support the society in different ways.

YOU ARE THE ICON is a platform to present the lives of people who do valuable things and have the way of life that connects with the Chao Phraya River in any aspect. It can be to strengthen, expand or reinvigorate—bringing greatness back to the Chao Phraya River as it was in the past so that everyone will realize that…

What makes a great man is their action. What makes a great river is itself.